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Mystery Mailer Editorial

I just love selling things on the Internet
You meet such nice people!

Some weeks I might sell from 10 to 100 items, or more.
Most of the people who send me a check or money order are great,they write down who they are, their e-mail addy, what they are buying, where I should send the product.
The whole enchilada.
What a pleasure it is to deal with them!!!
I thank you so much if you are one of these types of people!!!

What gets me seeing RED is the Mystery Mailer

Every fifteenth or twentieth letter is not a letter at all,but just an envelope (no return address!) with a money order or check stuffed in it.
At least with a check I have a name and address.
A money order, if it is filled out, provides the same.
But I know my customers by their e-mail addy,
sometimes I don't know their real name!........

Now here is the real capper.
A couple times a month, I get envelopes with cash stuffed in them.
No return address,
No note inside,
just good old
$ $ American Fun Tickets $ $

In this business we have a technical term for this sort of thing
It is called MYSTERY MAIL from a DOUGH HEAD

Now I like a good game of CLUE as much as the next guy, but I just don't have the time to play this game every week.
Each piece of Mystery Mail can take a half hour or more to figure out

How can somebody be such a DOUGH HEAD as to just stuff cash in an envelope and mail it out like that ???
I have talked with several dozen other eBay sellers, and they all tell the same story.
My only guess is that some people must believe that they are the only people in the world that are buying something by mail.

If you are reading this you probably aren't a Mystery Mailer but I would bet you have met one!!
If so, maybe you could help to educate
these mis-guided doughheads.

Remind buyers to include,with their payment and on a seperate piece of paper:

  • E-Mail Address
  • Real Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Item they are buying

New Mystery Mail Policy

I will spend no more than a few minutes trying to figure out what the money is for,after that it goes in a pile until one of several things happen.
  1. I catch up with shipping and it becomes obvious (Not Likely!)
  2. Buyer emails telling me about being a DOUGH HEAD and sending Mystery Mail (Maybe!)
  3. Some other clue tips me to what it is for (Possibly)
  4. The irate buyer e-mails me wondering where the item is! (Probably!)
Sorry about ranting, but I just couldn't hold it back anymore!!

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